2 LED Strips 48 LEDs 19 modes 1,800 Colors



  • 2 durable, flexible, 1m long LED strips with 24 LEDs each
  • Controller includes 19 lighting modes consisting of chases, strobes, & acceleration (motion) response
  • Simple single-button controller controls all functions
  • Goes to sleep without movement to save battery power & wakes up automatically
  • Mounts with very strong, but removable, adhesive tape
  • Binding spacers to protect LED strips
  • 8 hrs continuous use w/ long-life rechargeable battery
  • Weight: 1.25 lbs w/ marginal effect on ride
  • Waterproof


The LED Snowboard Kit (TM) is a color changing lighting kit consisting of two thin, flexible LED strips and a waterproof controller. The light strips and controller adhere to your board with high-bonding 3M VHB adhesive tape. Although the adhesive is extremely strong, the system can be removed from your snowboard without damaging the surface of the board.

The system is powered by a long-life rechargeable battery that supplies up to eight hours of continuous use, depending on your amount of movement and the mode of operation. The entire system weighs 1.25 pounds and is easily powered on with a one-button mode switch. When no movement is detected, the system goes to sleep to conserve battery power.

The controller offers many different lighting patterns to choose from, including several acceleration (motion) controlled modes. The LED snowboard system adds safety for those who like to snowboard at night by providing other snowboarders the ability to see you and thereby reducing the possibility of collisions on the slope.


  • BRAND NEW Customizable Settings
  • Mode # Display to help find favorite modes faster
  • Select unique colors from over 1,800-color rainbow
  • Fine tune colors, pattern speeds, and accelerometer response
  • Internal memory saves settings for quick, easy access
  • Compatible with version 1 AND version 2 LED Strips
  • Enable or disable automatic sleep feature
Basic Ops
  • Turn ON Controller
  • Turn OFF Controller
  • Select Lighting Mode
  • Charge Controller Battery
  • Automatic Sleep
Advanced Settings
  • Customize Lighting Modes (see Lighting Modes)
  • Enable or Disable Automatic Sleep
  • Set Controller for v1 or v2 LED Strips
  • Restore Factory Default Settings
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