Lighting Modes

Only 12 modes (in green below) are enabled by default in the legacy Controller firmware. However, all of the modes listed below are included in the and can be enabled. To enable modes, enter the edit mode by holding the red button for 10 seconds until the lights go white. Click Here for a video that shows how to enable and disable modes. By enabling only the modes that you like, you can cycle through and find your personal favorites faster.

ModeNameTypeFactory DefaultVideo
1 Rainbow Pattern
2 Comet Motion
3 3-axis Accelerometer Motion disabled
4 Dot Chase Pattern
5 2-axis Accelerometer Motion
6 Slink Pattern
7 Police Pattern disabled
8 Water Motion
9 Nose down=yellow,
tail down=blue
Motion disabled
10 Nose down=pink,
tail down=purple
11 Nose down=green,
tail down=blue
Motion disabled
12 Slow color change Pattern
13 Yellow/blue alternating Static disabled
14 Red & Green Static disabled
15 Purple & Blue Static disabled
16 Blue & Yellow Static
17 Blue & Green Static disabled
18 Gold & Cyan Static disabled
19 Pink & Purple Static disabled
20 Green Static disabled
21 Blue Static disabled
22 Red Static disabled
23 Color Slide Pattern disabled
24 Shooting Star Pattern
25 Color Alternate Pattern
26 White Alternate Pattern disabled
27 Speed Strobe Motion

V1 and V2 Controller Features

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