IMPORTANT: This update is ONLY required for customers with existing controllers buying new LED strips. This is not an upgrade to the current software nor does it include any new lighting features or sequences than your original controller with original LED strips. 

We are introducing new Version 2 LED Strips for our 2017 season. We've made some changes that require an update to older controllers' firmware. If you are a returning customer with an older controller, you will have to update your controller's firmware in order to operate these new Version 2 LED Strips.

Below is a how-to video for updating the firmware on an original LED Snowboard controller. This Works for Version 2 LED Snowboard controllers only. Version 2 controllers were sold between December 2014 and Oct 2016, have a serial number starting with 2XXX, and are 3.9” long. Version 1 controllers are 4.4" long, have a serial number starting with 1XXX, and must be returned to us for a hardware upgrade and firmware update; stay tuned - more details coming soon.

Firmware update instructions (PDF)

Still unsure? Please, feel free to contact us with any questions.

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