The LED Snowboard kit is made by D3, LLC, a company formed to design, develop and bring new ideas to the marketplace.

From the designer:

"I am a computer engineer and I love to build and experiment with electronics. But if it is winter and I am not at my keyboard or workshop, you can generally find me speeding down the slopes on my favorite snowboard.

Snowboarders are always looking for a way to stand out, and I am no exception. When I was riding one day, I thought how cool it would be to have lights on my board. But not just any lights,  they would change color, and not only that, they would change color based on board movement. And, well, it snowballed from there.

So, the next time I rode my board, December 2010, it had color-changing LED lights on it. I built it for myself, but the first time out, other riders were offering to buy it off me right there! Thus was born the idea for the LED Snowboard kit. Since everyone has their own preference as to what board they like to ride, I decided on a kit, easy to install, will not come off, and more eye-catching than anything else on the mountain. After a number of design tweaks and many (many) hours of testing, redesign, and more testing, the final result is what you see here offered by my company, D3, LLC, on this web site: durable, lightweight, long-lasting battery life and easy to install and use.

For those who are interested, my day job is as a design engineer for a high-tech audio-video company. I have always been fascinated with electronics. I have 15 years of computer programming experience and have owned and operated my own live sound production company (Devine Productions, LLC) for 10 years. I earned a bachelors of science and engineering from the University of Alabama in Huntsville.

Thanks for checking us out. See you on the slopes!"
- Nason Tackett

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